As some of you may know, this blog was started for my Online Journalism class at Rowan. The semester is coming to a close and my class is ending, but with everything I have learned from the class I am going to keep posting on this blog. I enjoy posting recipes and tips to help college students, like myself, not starve their four years at college! Since the semester is ending I probably won’t be posting as frequently until I come back to school in January, but next semester you can all look forward to fresh new  ideas and recipes!

Here are my five favorite posts from this semester:

1. Apple Chicken Quesadilla’s
2. College Cooking with Samantha Kresz
3. Comparing Jarred Pasta Sauces
4. 10 Kitchen Necessities for Cooking in your College Apartment 
5. College Cooking with Kristina Pritchett: Black Bean Chili